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"A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Global Stock Market Portfolio Management that's Sweeping the World Markets and Exploding The Profit Potential of Traders Now!"

"Eliminate And Organize Your Trading Related Paper Work While Keeping Your Trading Diary Up To Date"


The FFI OTrader is a unique portfolio management software with a focus on trading psychology. Use OTrader to record your market analysis, monitor open positions and review your trading performance.

A key element to successful trading is learning how to take emotion out of trading. By establishing a road map beforehand, the emotional element is greatly diminished because the steps are already set up for each scenario you may be presented with.

In order to do this however, you must learn how to eliminate emotional ties to the trade and have a plan ready so that at the first sign of weakness you can “Exit”. 


FFI OTrader's planning module allows you to...

• Utilise your watch list to keep an eye on upcoming profitable trades.
• Follow your trading plan meticulously by checking off each trading rule    before you place the trade.
• Use the position size calculator to determine your correct position size.
• Use the covered call calculator to locate the best returns on your shares.


FFI OTrader's trading module allows you to...

• Enter long and short option trades.
• Calculate complex option strategies with ease.
• Use multiple broker accounts to quickly select different brokerage amounts.
• Automatically calculate GST, brokerage and OCH fees for accurate records.
• View ex-dividend dates as you process trades so you never forget a dividend date.

Key benefits of the FFI OTrader:

• Manage Shares, Options, CFD's and Warrants.
• Enter long and short trades.
• Automatic calculation of brokerage and GST.
• Multiple graphs to show trading activity and results.
• Multiple exchanges to track all your trading activity.
• DDE link to update portfolio with live prices.
• Web update to update your portfolio for free form the internet.
• 23 Printable reports of your trading activity.
• Position size calculator for options and shares.
• 2 Click closing of open trades.
• Reconcile trades with your broker to ensure correct transactions.
• Enter multiple leg option trades form one screen.
• Multiple brokers in the one portfolio.
• Create unlimited portfolios to test different trading strategies.
• Capture screen shots of your trades for comprehensive trade revision.
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The Most Effective Way to Manage Your
Trading Portfolio.
Having the right tools at your disposal can make trading that bit easier!

Do you want to trade with more confidence? Do you want to trade without hesitation? The way to gain confidence in your trading techniques is by uncovering the details of what works and what is a total waste of time and money. This is where our trading tool, FFI OTrader® Portfolio Manager, can assist you. By not only seeing the results, but actually seeing the mechanics of how and why, you will develop confidence in your techniques.

Nino used FFI OTrader to discover he did not have to spend hours to record his trading!

"The amount of time I'm spending each night keeping track of trades is reduced to bugger all giving me more time to do my analysis. Those of you who get headaches trying to manage separate trading notes, an excel spreadsheet, your data costs and your portfolio well this is the answer to it - all in one spot. " N Alves, Perth

Are you a Trader who:

• Requires better risk and money management?
• Requires better trading planning?
• Finds it difficult to monitor your open positions?
• Knows your exact portfolio position at the click of a button?
• Forgets about or under utilizes the power of your trading diary?
• Would benefit by gaining control over these key aspects of your trading?

FFI OTrader® has been developed further by utilising the feedback of active traders and investors like yourself. Momentarily, we have developed the features that will potentially benefit your trading.

FFI OTrader® Portfolio Software is DDE Real Time linked with Bourse trading software.

Can you use a:

• Trading plan check list to ensure you accurately follow your predefined plan?
• Position size calculator enabling you to determine your correct trading size?
• Covered call calculator to determine the best returns for covered calls?

Can you:

• Track long and short trades that allow you to track your covered calls and written option strategies?

• Utilise an Option matrix, allowing you to enter and calculate complex option strategies with ease, saving you time when trading?

• View multiple leg option strategies, grouped as one trade, to quickly view the profit/loss for the entire position?

• Utilise automatic calculations for Tax, Brokerage and OCH fees, allowing you accurate records for end of financial year reporting?

• Operate twenty three (23) reports, that enables you to view and print trading data for a specific time frame?

• Utilise automatic calculations for breakeven, stop loss and profit targets giving you vital information with one click of your mouse?

• Reconcile your trading account, ensuring your broker has the correct information?

• View six (6) portfolio graphs, giving you a graphical view of your current trading performance?

• Save three screen captures with each trade, giving you the ability to quickly review past trades?

• Keep a detailed trading diary that allows you to save critical trading information about each individual trade?

The purpose of the FFI OTrader® is to assist you in potentially becoming a savvy trader/investor through "Self-evaluation". You simply must be in total control of all your investments. FFI OTrader® will help you to identify any weakness in your trading plan, enabling you to turn weakness into strength.

Shane used the FFI OTrader to discover he was trading against the trend!

“I discovered the flaw in my trading after my Calls Graph out performed my Puts Graph. It told me I was trading against the market trend.” - Shane Adams, Perth

Purchasing the FFI OTrader® is like getting the keys to your trading vault that is locked inside you. Once you realise the reasons behind your trading decisions, you will gain control over your trading performance.

You can spend years looking at charts or you can use mathematics and analysis to figure out what works and what doesn't. Once you have created your proven trading plan, you will gain confidence in yourself and your trading ability.


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FFI OTrader Stock Market Portfolio Management Package:

The FFI OTrader is a unique portfolio management software with a focus on trading psychology. Use the FFI OTrader to record your market analysis, monitor open positions and review your trading performance.



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FFI OTrader 12 months of support included. A mentor or partner in trading is a key ingredient to trading success. The Support Network is all about having exclusive access to our FFI OTrader Support Team who can assist you with using, installing and upgrading the FFI OTrader.



FFI OTrader 12 months of upgrades included. As a registered user you will receive every program update we release for one full year. The software will even automatically download and install the updates for you as soon as they are released.

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TOTAL SAVING             $864

FFI OTrader® Portfolio Software FAQ's

Can I manage my Share, Options, CFD's and Warrant trading with the FFI OTrader®?

• Yes, the FFI OTrader can handle your Share, Options, CFD's and Warrant trading all in the one program.

Do you offer support for registered users?

  • Yes, when you purchase the FFI OTrader® you also receive 12 months of support. We value the importance of our support structures. The FFI Otrader® has a leading support program in place to provide you with ongoing complimentary assistance, limited to a 12 month period from your original date of purchase.
  • Can the FFI OTrader® run in a multi user/network environment?

    • Yes, the FFI OTrader® can be run over a network but will require another license for a second computer (if applicable).

    How many portfolios can I have with the FFI OTrader®?

    • You can create unlimited portfolios with the FFI OTrader®. As an example, this enables you to have a paper trading/testing portfolio and a live portfolio all under the same licensed software.

    Do I receive free updates/upgrades after I purchase the FFI OTrader®?

    • When you purchase the FFI OTrader® you will receive all updates and upgrades for up to 12 months from your original date of purchase.

    I have more than one computer. Can I run the FFI OTrader® on more than one computer?

    • When your purchase the FFI OTrader® you buy a single user license which allows you to run OTrader® on one computer. If you wish to use it on your other computers please contact us so we can discuss your specific licensing needs.

    Can I print reports of my trading activity utilising the FFI OTrader®?

    • Yes, the FFI OTrader® offers you a selection of 23 reports that enables you to print and view your trading history.

    Can I run the FFI OTrader® on a Mac computer?

    •  The FFI OTrader® is designed to run on a windows platform. We do have users who run OTrader® on a Mac using an emulator.

    How does the FFI Otrader® software decide on what features are to be further developed?

    • We receive valued feedback and run surveys with our users to identify additional features that are beneficial to the user. Hence, added features may be incorporated and further developed to suit your specific needs through open communication with our FFI Otrader® Development Team. This exceptional FFI OTrader® software always strives to be user friendly.

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