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The Bourse Data FFI Customised Charting Software is a comprehensive and easy to navigate program that can assist in the financial management of your shares portfolio.

Whether you are a short-term trader or an investor actively managing your own portfolio, you can create your own customised package of services within The Bourse specifically to meet your personal needs.

Our online research services and charting software provide you with up to the minute prices and market news and a range of portfolio management tools. The Bourse gives you the ability to track a stock's performance during the day or over the past weeks, months and even years.

A key benefit of The Bourse is the help that is offered to support the software and your use of it.

Complicated analysis and monitoring is easy with The Bourse. Everything you need to efficiently review securities and financial markets is provided, including:

 Extensive Securities and Market Data Coverage
Up-to-the-minute Reports, News and Announcements
 Personalised Watch Lists
 Detailed Market Depth and Course of Trades
 Powerful Charting System and Sophisticated Analytical Tools
 Comprehensive Investment Research Facilities
 Alarm System featuring Securities Monitoring & Event Notifications

Online Integration providing World-Wide Access to the Service

Versatile Design with Simple, Sophisticated Interface

For trading enthusiasts who wish to enhance their own Bourse Experience, we have made it possible to specify preferences in all different aspects of functionality and appearance.

 Interface is easy to use and navigate.
 Functions and settings can be customised.
 Screen layout settings can be saved.
 Function keys provide fast access to common functions.
 Screens can be synchronised and locked.
 High speed with low resource usage.
 Comprehensive, educational and non-intrusive Help provided.

Key Features of the Bourse Data Charting Software:

Data and News  
 Accurate, fully adjusted or raw ASX end-of-day price and volume data for Shares and Warrants
Up to the minute data without the need for broadband connections
10 years of "on-demand" ASX Historical Data
Live ASX Indices
  • Live ASX headlines and unlimited 20-minute delayed ASX Announcements
  • 10-minute delayed SFE Futures contract data (including SPI and Bank Bills)
  • End-of-day International stocks, indices, commodities and currency exchange rates
  • Full dividend history (including franking details)
  • Economic, Finance and Business news headlines from respected business agencies AAP and RWE
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Charts and Tools
  • Fully customisable, easy to navigate user interface allowing multiple layouts and comprehensive, educational and non-intrusive Help
  • A fully featured charting engine with over 50 customisable Charting and Technical Analysis studies
  • Comprehensive Fundamental Research tools covering the last 5 years including:
    • Normalised year-end and interim Balance Sheet
    • Normalised year-end and interim Profit & Loss Statement
    • Year-end and interim Cash Flow Statement
    • Over 45 year-end and interim Key Ratios and Performance Indicators
    • Search Facilities
    • Broker Consensus Reports
    • Company Profile and Strategy analysis
  • Details of splits, consolidations, rights issues and corporate actions
  • Unlimited number of 200-line Watchlists
  • Managed Funds research
  • Interest Rates comparisons
  • Free life-time software upgrades.

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Bourse Data FFI Customised Charting Software Package:

Customised Charting Software (A Bourse Data FFI customised State of the Art sophisticated investment tracking and analysis tool that provides fast, efficient access to Real-Time Financial Data and Resources)



Bourse Historical Data CD: This product provides you with super-fast access to more than 13 years worth of historical ASX Share market Information, including the Open, High, Low, Close and Volume Data for each stock traded on a particular day, for every listed company. Certain stocks, like BHP, also have data that goes back as far as 1981. Warrants and SPE data is also included on the CD for your use.

Bourse Data Tutorial CD: This CD will assist you in mastering the mechanics of using the charting software on this interactive CD Rom.

Bourse Historical Data




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